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What is the Unity Project?

This is a collaborative project, to outline processes surrounding the unification of Ireland, and in particular the legal and practical changes that our island will undergo during unity. These include things like the re-merging of judicial systems (which split during partition), currency and banking changes, governance, and even practical matters such as road, health systems, social welfare programs, and perhaps even trade mark and patent systems (hello, Tayto).

This project will by its nature contain strongly political elements - the re-unifying of two distinct political states simply cannot be otherwise. However, please be reminded that:

  • The substance of this project is to remain apolitical and neutral
  • This is not a place to discuss the past - there are many alternative venues for that. This is a place to discuss the future.
  • While there is no doubt that NI's recent history has been very much shaped by cultural identity that involves an intertwined religious element, this project must firmly remain irreligious. The best Constitutions in the world affirm the separation of church and State.

Please browse the wiki, and edit or add to it as you feel appropriate.