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This is a project, designed so that the people of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland can collaborate together on the practicalities surrounding the reunification of Ireland.

The project was founded by me, Manu, born and raised in Co. Down in what is often referred to as "the Six Counties", Northern Ireland, northern Ireland, the North of Ireland, or simply "NI". For the remainder of this page, I will simply refer to it as "NI".

Born in the 1980's, the majority of my childhood was shaped with The Troubles. I was raised with a firm British identity, but was raised neither Protestant nor Catholic. I am a citizen of both the United Kingdom and Ireland, carry both passports, and use them both. I am British, Irish, and would describe myself as Northern Irish. As I grew older, I realised that the status quo of NI was becmoing unsustainable, and that it was time to have real discussions on unity.

This project will by its nature contain strongly political elements - the re-unifying of two distinct political states simply cannot be. However, I do ask that all pages remain as apolitical and neutral as possible. This is not a place to discuss the past - there are many alternative venues for that. This is a place to discuss the future. Further, while there is no doubt that NI's recent history has been very much shaped by cultural identity that involves an intertwined religious element, I further request that these pages remain irreligious. The best Constitutions in the world affirm the separation of church and State.

The goal of this project is to discuss and help shape the changes that must occur during the process of unity.

Considerations include: - Judicial Changes - The adjustments involving re-merging the NI Courts into the Irish Courts, which were a single unit prior to partition. - Legislative Changes. The processes involving the handover of governance to either a single nation approach, or to allow temporary regional governance

It is also proposed will also look at other matters, such as: - Retention and respect of those with British identity living in the former UK nation of Northern Ireland - Visible adjustments, such as amendments of road and street signage, as well as vehicle and driver licensing. - Practical changes such as the merging of health systems and social welfare programs